Thirtyone’s interview tips…


Once you’ve made it through the telephone interview and onto the face to face interview, you’ll probably feel pleased, even a bit excited. You’ll want to do your best to impress us and show that you’re the right person for the job.

There can be so much to think about, so here’s some handy pointers to set you on the path to success at Thirtyone.

1. When asked what your weaknesses are, say David Beckham/Katy Perry. It’ll break the ice. Then say ‘persistent lateness’ or something.

2. Bring a box to the interview, point at it and say “I do all my thinking outside of that.”




3. Write your limitations down one arm. We admire honesty.

4. When asked if you want anything to drink, say “Just a glass of job please!” Then laugh for 10 minutes. No less.

5. Pretend your phone has rung and say into it; “What’s that, Mum? I seem ideal for the job?”

6. Loosen your jacket as you enter & say “Phew! Is it me or did it get 100% more dynamic in here?” Then high five Cara and Jonathan.

7. When asked if you got here all right, reply “I always succeed in getting to where I’m going”.

8. If you can’t see these handy tips working for you –  turn up with cake it works EVERY time.