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There’s eco-awareness, eco-consciousness, eco-activism and then, there’s Greenpeace, the defenders of our ecosystem.

We work with Greenpeace because we care about the Environment. This has to be a given, if you care about the planet we live on, there is no time more critical to saving it than right now.








  • In 1971, motivated by their vision of a green and peaceful world, a small team of activists set sail from Vancouver, Canada, in an old fishing boat. Their mission was to ‘bear witness’ to US nuclear testing at Amchitka, a tiny island off the West Coast of Alaska, and the last refuge for 3000 endangered sea otters, and home to bald eagles, peregrine falcons and other wildlife.

    In 1975, a brave young hippie put himself in the firing line of a Russian whaler’s harpoons off the Californian coast. In these moments, Greenpeace was born.

    We’d like to tell you that Thirtyone was born out of something equally as daring and heroic but we can’t. We can, however, tell you how it all happened.

    In 2012, Jonathan quit his job. He knew he wanted to do something that would have a bigger social impact and believed fundraising was the answer. He started his journey sat in front of a computer at his kitchen table, knowing most of his friends thought he was mad. By February 2013 he had five fundraisers working with him and had won Thirtyone’s first contract.  We are now a team of thirty.

    The people we work with share our passion for a good cause, and working together toward a common goal creates the kind of positive work atmosphere most people would love to have.

    Working with Greenpeace has allowed us to play a part in a cause that is bigger than ourselves alone. We’ve always been ready to stand up for what we believe in. If you’re looking for a good cause to focus on, organisations like Greenpeace always need people to work on the “frontline,” we talk to people and use our gift of persuasion to convert others to the cause.

    We all know that saving the Earth isn’t about saving ourselves – it’s about making the world a better place for all; people, plants and animals, in this generation and for hundreds of generations to come.

    Taking care of the Earth is not just a responsibility – it’s a privilege.


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    Our vison

    To be a Fundraising Agency, not a call centre. We are here to deliver the best value fundraising possible and become an employer of choice within Norfolk. 

    Our values

    In the years to come, we want to be able to look back and be really proud of the business we helped to create. We think the best way of achieving this is by living up to the values that we believe in.  Our values reflect what we are, how we do things, and where we want to be.

    Our purpose

    We connect people who care with fantastic causes. We’re a passionate team who are great at talking to people and have had some amazing successes. In our first year we hit the £1 million pledge mark for Greenpeace.

Our Campaigns.

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  • Arctic
  • Clean Energy
  • Forests
  • Oceans
  • Pollution
  • climate change

Protect Forests


Defend Oceans


Climate Change

climate change


Clean Energy

Save the Arctic


Air Pollution


Do you us yet?


We think it’s a great place to work. Whether you’re new to telephone fundraising or someone with loads of experience, join our team and help to make a difference.  


Starting salary £20,000 plus uncapped bonus. Pay reviews annually

Hours of Work

We only work a 4 day week – 36 hours.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9.30am – 7.30pm

22.5 days paid holiday

Including public and bank holidays


Every month if you hit your target you’ll get a brilliant bonus of £400 per month.

Work from Home

After your training period you will be able to work from home. No costly commuting and great for your carbon footprint!

Regular breaks

We want you to be able to recharge and refresh at regular intervals so we have two meal breaks. (60 mins in total)

You Make A Difference

Finish work with a smile on your face, the funds you raise help support Greenpeace continue its vital work. You can be sure you’re making a positive impact on the world around you.

Staff Parties

We have a staff party twice a year, a summer BBQ and a party at Christmas.

Contact us

If this sounds like somewhere you would like to work, get in touch and take the first step to joining the friendly thirtyone team.

Contact get in touch.

  • c/o Haines Watts, Yare House, 62-64 Thorpe Road, Norwich, Norfolk NR1 1RY Company Reg: 08260906.
  • 01603 859 231
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Thirtyone Fundraising and your Data.

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  • Thirtyone Fundraising cares about the data it holds. We won’t paste our long and boring Data Policy here, what we will say is that we absolutely support the aims of current data protection legislation and willingly comply with the requirements.

    All data is stored encrypted, with tight and audited controls on access to that data.

    Any processing is only what is needed to perform the services we’re contracted to do for our clients.

    We minimise the amount of data we store and the time we store it, anything that we hold long term is anonymised.

    If you’d like a copy of the full Data Policy please feel free to get in contact with our Data Team on Data@thirtyonefundraising.com and we’ll happily send you a copy.

  • Under rights afforded to all of us under the EU GDPR legislation you are able to make Subject Access Requests to any organisation that holds data about you.

    Although Thirtyone Fundraising don’t actively gather data we do store and process what we’re supplied by our clients, if you would like to submit a Subject Access Request regarding any information we hold on you, please email us on


    with your name and the nature of your request.