Air Pollution

Air Pollution is disgusting, dangerous and deadly. 40,000 lives were cut short by air pollution in the U.K. 10,000 of those deaths occurred in London alone. Whilst children, the elderly and sick are the most vulnerable.

The single biggest source of the air pollution problem is diesel vehicles. Diesel emissions are toxic to human health and their impacts fall especially hard on children. Unbelievably, the government is still incentivising consumers to buy brand new diesel cars that are pumping out illegal levels of pollution.

Our campaign isn’t about penalising people who bought diesel cars in good faith. It’s about stopping companies from putting more of them on the roads. If companies can’t ensure that these cars meet proper pollution standards, they shouldn’t be allowed to sell them.

It’s time to stop the sale of new diesel cars, and make sure cleaner options are in everyone’s reach. Nearly 70,000 people are calling on the government to make it happen – It’s our job to get more on board.

Air Pollution