We believe the UK should be investing in clean renewable energy so we are no longer reliant on dirty fossil fuels or outdated and potentially hazardous nuclear energy. We should be embracing renewable energy alternatives like solar, wind and tidal power, yet shockingly the government is sidelining renewable energy while backing risky and expensive options like Fracking and the Hinkley nuclear plant.

The costs of solar have fallen by 80% over the last decade but last year the government cut subsidies to the solar industry, leading to the closure of several solar companies and the loss of 12,000 jobs. We are already producing 25% of our electricity from renewable sources, but it could be much more.

Subsidies and government support is vital to new industries, the governments in other countries are putting significant investment in these technologies and we should be too. Research shows that renewable energy can meet almost all of the UK’s electricity needs, without damaging the environment. So we must continue to campaign for the government to turn its back on destructive energy sources, and instead invest in clean, homegrown, renewable energy.

Renewable energy