Fracking is the process of blasting water, sand and a cocktail of chemicals deep underground in order to get out the gas or oil.

2017 has only just begun and it’s already been revealed that Sherwood Forest, one of the country’s most iconic woodlands and home to important wildlife, could be opened up to Fracking.

Despite what the government wants to hear, people in the UK don’t want Fracking, with 4 out of 5 people now against it. Polls show only 14% of people would be happy to have a Fracking well within 10 miles of their home, and yet the government is pushing ahead with it anyway!

Can you imagine what it would be like to live near one of these Fracking Sites?

We need to stop the government’s plans for Fracking here in the UK, not only has it been linked to pollution but it also keeps the country hooked on fossil fuels which will only harm our climate further.

Fracking affects us all; in Lancashire one company has already started preparation work on a site that’s been earmarked for Fracking and drilling in Yorkshire could start very soon.

Fracking could be disastrous for our country and the global climate; we need to embrace alternative sources of energy. At this pivotal moment, Greenpeace UK is considering launching our biggest, boldest push back against Fracking yet.